Iyengar Yoga with kim Peralta

207. 812. 1827             peralta@myfairpoint.net

Props & Guidelines


  • A non-skid yoga mat 
  • Yoga bricks  - or some thick books 
  • At least 5 firm blankets
  • A chair with a straight back (backless folding chair if attending Intermediate class) 
  • A yoga belt  - or a trouser belt, tie or scarf
  • A yoga bolster - or substitute some firm blankets
  • A foot or two of clear wall space                                                 


  • Before class, let the teacher know of any injuries or conditions which may affect your practice.
  • Before class, assemble your props.
  • You can log on up to 15 minutes before class starting time.
  • Try not to miss the beginning of class!  If you log on after class has begun you may have to wait even longer to be admitted. 
  • When you have a question, unmute yourself and ask!

Kim Peralta    207. 812. 1827     peralta@myfairpoint.net